10 Tips for Decorating Your Basement Walls

Open-concept living–as popular and appealing as it is–comes at the cost of lost wall space for artwork and other creative expressions. Chalk up another plus to the growing list of Reasons to Finish the Basement:  Added wall space to feature those photos that have been stacked in the linen closet, or to display the cool sports memorabilia collection that didn’t have a home. Consider the possibilities!

10 Tips for Decorating Your Basement Walls

1.  Use chalk or whiteboard paint to create an inspiration wall for little (or bigger) artists. You’ll enjoy the ever-changing array of artwork and/or familial messages. Framing the paint-treated area with attractive moulding can serve to visually define the space and tie it in with the rest of the trim in the basement, as well as provide a ledge for chalk or dry-erase markers.

2.  Everyone can use a full set of bookshelves for storage of books and games, but how about using a bookcase as a hidden door to another room or closet? The bookcase is custom-built and installed into the wall with large hidden hinges that allow the entire unit to swing open, permitting access to the hidden area. Nancy Drew may be soon be found sleuthing in your basement!

3.  A large expanse of wall, or even two smaller adjacent walls work well as the backdrop for a family portrait gallery. Use large portraits when possible, and consider using large mats for framing smaller photos, and frames of varying sizes. Find an empty spot on the floor that’s the same size as your wall space, where you can lay out your collage and adjust the placement of its various aspects. Using painters’ tape, make midline marks on both the floor and the wall, so that when you transfer the collage to the wall you have reference points. Take a photo of the laid-out collage on the floor before you begin the hanging process, so that you can refer back to it.

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4.  Sometimes basement lighting needs a boost. Hanging mirrors makes effective use of available light by reflecting it. You might consider installing a wall of mirrors in an exercise or dance studio, for instance, or a collage of interesting framed or antique mirrors in a hallway.

5.  Any time you add fabric to a room–especially in the form of draperies or panels–you immediately dampen sound and visually warm the space. While long drapery panels may not be the right look for smaller basement windows, consider a fabric shade, which could have a similar softening effect.

6.  Dress up the walls themselves! Paneling has come a long way since the rock-hard, dark, shiny masonite stuff of the ’70’s. Try some soft white horizontal shiplap to brighten up your space.

7.  For extraordinary character, consider installing brick , stone, or tile on one wall. Each lends a distinct look, and adds to the uniqueness of your basement.

8.  Turn one wall into a hobby desk. If space permits, build a counter top that runs the length of the wall. Built-in drawers, cupboards, and/or shelving can serve both decorative and functional uses for hobbies, homework, and or side-hustles.

9.  Do you have a beloved art piece that doesn’t quite fit into the mainstream decor of your home? The basement is the perfect place to showcase these types of items, whether it’s a gallery of vacation photos and memorabilia or a grouping of original artwork from your favorite Etsy vendors.

10.  Don’t overlook the possibilities for showcasing smaller wall spaces in a basement! Tucking the wet bar under the stairs in this basement suddenly makes that area a focal point. With the stone wall and its floating under-lit shelving, this small space becomes a real talking point.

Still Need to Finish Your Basement?

Now that you’ve mentally moved in and decorated your basement walls, it’s time to build them! At Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More we’ve been doing just that for happy clients throughout the Denver metro area and in northern Colorado for years. Check out our 5-star Google reviews and give us a call today to set up your free consultation bid appointment. 303-420-0056.



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