16 of the Most Popular Uses for a Basement

Often the unsung part of a home, a basement holds possibilities for much more than just a storage space for seasonal items and toys. An increasing number of homeowners are electing to extend living spaces by getting creative with this below-ground space. Here in Denver, Colorado we are seeing some exciting trends in basement finishes. Design your space around one primary use, or combine elements that appeal to the whole family. Consider some of the many ways your basement could become the hottest spot in your home:

1. Home Bar

From sophisticated wine cellar to neighborhood pub to eclectic cocktail lounge–whatever you’re serving can be fun and festive in your own home bar.

2. Game Room

Video games are fun, but why not create a space for ping pong, pool, foosball or classic pinball games to entertain kids of all ages? Add a table and chairs for board games or cards.

3. Den or Informal Living Room

Many homeowners use the main living room as a more formal space for entertaining company, but also like the idea of a less formal living area for gathering. The basement can be that additional space for watching television, doing homework, or spending casual time with friends and family.

4. Wine Cellar

Whether sectioning off a small area or dedicating a whole room to cultivating your wine collection, wine storage options abound that are both functional and beautiful.

5. Theater / Media Room

As televisions and sound systems continue to evolve for a more realistic entertainment experience, theater/media rooms remain a popular use for that basement space. Pop some popcorn, turn down the lights and you’re ready to go.

6. Library

Despite the explosion of digital devices, book lovers still appreciate getting comfortable with a good page-turner in their hands. Finished basements are an excellent setting for bookshelves and comfy reading nooks.

7. Extra Storage

If you build it, they will come. Americans love stuff and it seems as if whatever amount of storage we have quickly fills up. Basements are a great place to build in some extra storage space, cabinets or shelving to house and organize it all.

8. Workout Room / Home Gym

Convenience is often the key to staying in shape. Finding time for exercise can be difficult, but you can at least eliminate the travel time with your own home gym.

9. Playroom

Kids love space to let their imaginations soar and, with a little imagination, basements make great stand-ins for just about any location. They are also the perfect place to store toys, games and art supplies so they are out of the way but also ready to go at a moment’s notice.

10. Additional Bedroom(s)

Having a dedicated guest room in the main part of your home can feel like a waste of space if it doesn’t get used very often. Creating a bedroom alcove or a full bedroom in your basement may be the solution for your occasional overnight guests.

11. Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to your basement is a worthwhile convenience for both you and your guests. It also adds value to your home.

12. Nooks

Need a quiet corner to read, craft or just take a nap? Nooks are becoming very popular for people who want a little unplugged downtime.

13. Kitchenette / Kitchen

If you regularly have parties and entertain groups, a second kitchen in your basement can be make serving food much easier.

14. Home Office

Flexible work arrangements are on the rise, and if you work at home a dedicated work space is essential. Even if the work you do at home consists of managing the household, having a place to keep paperwork, pay bills, etc. can make those tasks much easier and more efficient.

15. Utility / Laundry Room

The basement is still home to many laundry rooms and today they are more spacious and beautiful than ever. There are many practical organizing solutions specific to this purpose.

16. Craft Room or Workshop

Tinkerers and artists of all types appreciate having an undisturbed space for works-in-progress. If you like to create or build, your basement might just be the ideal location.

What would you like to have in your basement? Finished Basements and More is ready to bring that vision to life. Contact us today for a consultation.


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