4 Considerations When Designing a Child-Friendly Basement

4 Considerations When Designing a Child-Friendly BasementIf you find yourself frequently stepping on Legos and tripping over soccer balls, perhaps it’s time to consider creating a kid-friendly space in the basement. Maybe you’ve already tried putting the toys down there, but the kids always end up coming back upstairs with them because it’s too cold or dark in the unfinished space. Finishing your basement and creating a warm and inviting space where kids want to hang out will be worth the investment–especially when inclement weather hits and they are unable to play outdoors.

Channel your inner child and let your imagination go! Check out these fun ideas for great basement kid spaces.

4 Considerations When Designing a Child-Friendly Basement:

1. Playroom

Bright colors, easy-to-clean surfaces, cushiony furnishings, and magnetic chalkboard paint are just a few of the ways to make a space perfect for kids. Choose a theme (preferably one they can grow with, at least for a few years). Basements lend themselves to being more whimsical than the rest of the home, so have some fun. If the kids are old enough, include them in the design process. Many basements have nooks or storage spaces that can be transformed into playhouses or hideaways. Include kid-friendly storage solutions that keep toys and books accessible and make cleanup easy.

2. Room Separations

When only a portion of the basement is going to be the kids’ place, room separations can give both the kids and the adults some privacy. Half-wall partitions, curtains, or even full-wall divisions effectively section off the space to accommodate multiple activities and family members. Wall partitions can also incorporate storage, such as built-in bookshelves.

3. Media Room

Media rooms are perfect for entertaining kids or bringing the family together for a movie night. Amenities such as a projector, a popcorn maker and comfy theater seating make it fun and special to watch movies right at home.

4. Sports Areas

For active kids who love sports, consider bringing the playing field indoors. Basements can be mini soccer fields or basketball courts. Within reason, any sport can be practiced indoors with the right set-up. Of course table tennis, pool, foosball and air hockey are perfect basement games.

When designing a space for children, consider child-sized furnishings, options for both quiet and more active play, ways for them to play safely with little or no supervision (when appropriate) and how to best accommodate friends.

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