5 Benefits of Installing Good-Quality Basement Windows

5 Benefits of Installing Good-Quality Basement WindowsA wise man once said, “If a window of opportunity appears, don’t close the shade” (Tom Peters). When you’re ready to finish your basement, don’t overlook the opportunity to upgrade your existing windows. Windows are a valuable part of any basement finishing project and should not be a considered place to skimp. Upgrading your windows can protect your investment and enhance the look and feel of your basement for years to come.

Existing windows (and doors) that allow drafts or water in should be replaced. Even if air or water leaks are not detected, however, upgrading lower-quality windows as part of the overall construction of the new space will add value and protect your investment. Windows impact lighting, air quality, and temperature control.

The style and materials of the windows that are best for a finished basement depend, in part, on whether it is a walkout, where at least one side is above ground, or if it is all below ground with no outside ingress/egress.

Consider these benefits when choosing windows for your finished basement: 

1. Improved security

Basement windows are typically hidden from street view and, as a result, provide protected access for intruders. Investing in good quality windows ensures increased security by helping to prevent unwanted access. The higher the quality of the windows, the greater the protection that they provide.

2. Better ambiance

High quality windows contribute to the overall design aesthetic of the basement. They improve the ambiance and raise the level of the decor. On the contrary, cheap windows will significantly detract from the finished appearance.

3. Better ventilation

Adequate ventilation is an important part of a healthy home, and the basement is no exception. Whether you are using the basement for laundry and storage, as an entertainment space, or for a combination of functions, proper ventilation is necessary to prevent a buildup of harmful fumes. Basement windows provide that function. Higher quality windows open easily and close securely as needed.

4. Moisture control

Windows that seal well and also allow fresh air to circulate are part of the necessary moisture control in the basement. Quality windows will prevent moisture leaks and supply fresh air. This eliminates dampness and prevents mold growth.

5. Energy efficiency

Energy efficient windows reduce heating and cooling bills by preventing air leaks and keeping the temperature in the home consistent, which means your HVAC system doesn’t work as hard to maintain comfort. This is true for basement windows as well as for windows throughout the home.

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