5 Finished Basement Design Ideas

Whether your basement’s footprint is large or small, make sure you’re maximizing its potential by not just assuming you have to go the traditional route and finish it with the standard rec room and bath. How do you make the most of the available basement square footage you’ve got?  While there’s nothing wrong with a rec room–and you certainly wouldn’t regret having a basement bathroom–taking a moment to think outside the box before plans are set in stone helps you see things from another perspective, which is never a bad idea.

5 Finished Basement Design Ideas

  • Workout Area
    Who says you have to have an entire room dedicated to workout equipment and exercise gear? Not all basement plans have the luxury of devoting that much square footage to such a singular focus. Basements do, however, provide a great space for working out, as they’re not only cooler than the rest of the house, but large equipment can be kept out of the mainstream of the home. Why not allocate a portion of a room, as did these clients, for workout space? Use half walls, flooring, or even ceiling soffit lines to visually define the space.
  • Sauna Space
    After working out wouldn’t a relaxing breather in a sauna feel calming? When you install one in the basement, next to the workout equipment as did these clients, you’ll always have time to work a quick pore cleanse into your routine.
  • Reading Nook
    There’s something ever-so-enticing about a cozy little alcove full of books and a comfy chair or two. The clients we worked with to design this basement library/office know just how to make it into a place that’s perfect for all ages to enjoy. Another client took a different approach, opting to set up a kids’ library–complete with mini table and chairs–outside of the entrance to an under-stair play area. The LVP flooring in both of these basements creates a lux look with the benefit of easy clean-up and maintenance.
  • Jam Session
    Take the long, larger room pictured here, install decorative soundboard on the walls and perhaps other forms of sound insulation, and you’ve got the perfect place for band practice! If you’re really serious about it, install low-volt wiring for sound equipment, extra lighting, and a small stage at one end of the room.
  • Craft Station
    If quilting or crafting is more up your alley, turn a corner of the basement into a private creative sanctuary, complete with built-in storage cabinets and pegboard wall storage. Mount a TV on the wall and add a small wet bar and you’ll never have to leave!

Use your imagination!

Your basement is waiting to become space that will add beauty and function to your home! Let us help you uncover its potential. We’ve had years of experience finishing basements in the Denver metro area and in northern Colorado. Let us put our expertise to work for you! Call today for a free estimate:  303-420-0056.



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