6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sheffield Homes Finished Basements & More

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sheffield Homes Finished Basements & MoreFinishing the basement of your home pays off in two distinct ways:  first, and most immediate, is the added benefit to you of increased living space. The second pay-off comes when it’s time to sell the home. It can be difficult to keep your eye on the prize, however, when faced with what feels like a daunting project. That’s why the first step in the process should be choosing the right contractor. Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More specializes in custom basement design for spaces large and small, and works with you from start to finish to see that your project results in something you can enjoy and be proud of.

Here’s what Sheffield brings to the table:

1. Experience

Finished Basements and More has the distinct advantage of having grown out of Sheffield Homes, a Colorado homebuilder with an unblemished reputation for uncompromising quality, value, and customer service honed over 40 years. From that starting point, using the same trusted designers and builders along with the most experienced project managers in the industry, we have become experts in the unique challenges of basement finishing. We specialize in creating basements that not only fulfill the homeowners’ needs and desires, but also flow seamlessly with the rest of the home.

2. Reputation

Our reputation is built on a solid track record of quality craftsmanship and a history of earned trust that assures our clients we will be around long after the work is completed. We know we have to be confident in our work if we expect our clients to be proud of their newly-finished or remodeled basements. We achieve that with unmatched attention to detail and high standards.

3. Quality

Quality workmanship begins with professional architectural design, ensuring that all municipal building codes are met, and extends to efficient management of job site and trade relationships. We don’t cut corners. Our meticulous planning process ensures that all work is done correctly, lessening the chances of unpleasant surprises for the homeowner during the construction process.

4. Value

Our experienced team of project managers, designers, and tradespeople ensure that the realization of your dream doesn’t have to come at the expense of a broken budget. Together, we will help you identify spending priorities, advising areas where it is wise to either splurge or to cut back, and helping to source lower-cost alternatives when possible, making the most of your investment. Our experienced expertise translates to greater value for you as the client, as we get work done correctly and on time, avoiding costly mistakes and do-overs.

5. Customer Service

At the foundation of fine craftsmanship is effective communication–that between contractor and client, contractor and municipality, and contractor and trades. This communication forms the foundation of our exceptional customer service, starting with the initial bid appointment, through contract negotiation and signing, and continuing throughout the construction process. We make sure all questions are answered to your satisfaction and that you understand all aspects of the project before signing the construction agreement. As concerns may arise throughout the course of the project, they are addressed in a timely manner. Any changes to the scope of the project are discussed, priced, and approved by the homeowner prior to being incorporated into the job. Clients have one primary contact to address any needs or concerns promptly at every stage of the project.

6. Warranty

Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More creates long-lasting home improvements that are built to stringent specifications under your personal guidance. You’ll appreciate our proven warranties from the start and throughout the very final detail.

Homeowners in the Denver metro area and northern Colorado who are looking for a basement finishing company can confidently choose Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More. Contact us today for more information.



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