6 Smart Ideas to Steal from this Basement

Are you the type who browses the 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzles on Amazon and can’t decide which one would be the most challenging for the next family gathering, or is the 100-piece Disney Frozen puzzle more your speed? (There are no wrong answers here, my friends). Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer once said that, “Finding your style is like putting puzzle pieces together.” Identifying your own personal design style should be a satisfying process–much like finding that next puzzle piece that fits together to form the complete picture.

Sometimes it’s simple design and construction details that work together to make a pleasing layout, such as in this newly-finished 1,500 sq. ft. basement. Take a look at some of the particulars that make this basement function well both aesthetically and practically, and take inspiration for your own basement design.

1. Clearly defined, yet open spaces:

This basement feels light and expansive without giving the impression of being cavernous or spartan. The soffit drops in the ceiling help establish distinct seating, entertainment, and workout areas without having to wall off each area. The abundance of recessed can lighting lends a cheerful ambiance to the space, and may be dimmed as mood dictates,

2. Double doors to add drama:

Note the use of double doors–one set leading to the guest room, and the other to the storage room by the wet bar. If your plan allows adequate wall space, installing double doors creates an impressive statement–whether they lead to finished or unfinished spaces. Barn doors could also be used; they are functional as well as decorative, and–as they don’t require an allowance for the swing of a traditional door–you needn’t worry about furniture placement in relation to the doors.

3. Over-sized guest room:

Treat houseguests to a comfortable, relaxing space they can call their own while visiting. The spacious guest room in this basement comes complete with a walk-in closet and plenty of room to unpack and unwind.

4. Large wet bar open to rec room:

The clients who designed this wet bar opted to build in plenty of cabinet space for extra dish towels, popcorn bowls, glassware, and goodies. They’ll be able to stay downstairs and enjoy the movie instead of running up and down the stairs for more snacks and beverages, and the extra-long L-shaped counter-top provides the perfect buffet spot for serving.

5. Monochromatic color scheme:

The neutral color scheme chosen for this basement works well in the open space. Shades of grey, tan, and taupe perform harmoniously together and are given interest by the added textures of the wood-grained tile flooring at the wet bar and bathroom, the multi-tonal granite at the wet bar, the wood tones in the cabinets and furniture, and the tweed texture of the upholstered chairs. Pops of color may be added in accent pillows, rugs, bedding, and window coverings.

6. Upgraded bath fixtures:

Nothing says luxury quite like a few well-chosen bathroom upgrades, and you needn’t break the bank to elevate the style of the bathroom. Here, our clients opted for a poured shower pan with tile in lieu of the standard Florestone molded (white) pan. The tile, smaller in scale than either the bathroom floor or shower wall tile, blends seamlessly with the tones of both to enhance the overarching monochromatic vibe. Choosing to install the rectangular pedestal sink and oval mirror in lieu of the more traditional vanity cabinet and beveled wall mirror add to the custom feel of the bathroom.

When that last piece of the puzzle slides into place and you feel the satisfaction of completion, you know it was worth the time and effort, just as our clients do when the last piece of hardware is installed and the vision for their basement finish is finally complete! Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends (or maybe just by yourself with the dog and your favorite beverage).

We’d love to work with you in the Denver metro area and in northern Colorado to turn your unfinished basement into something as beautiful as this space! Call us today and let’s get started:  303-420-0056.



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