6 Unique Features to Consider When Finishing Your Basement

Thinking Outside of the Box

Sometimes styles of basement finishes seem rather mundane and monotonous, not unlike the daily special at the local diner:  “I’ll have the Tuesday Special, please–a bedroom, bathroom, with a rec room on the side.” While there’s nothing wrong with going with the basics (who doesn’t like a perfectly-fried egg on a stack of pancakes?) don’t overlook an opportunity to mix things up a bit. Who knows–you may find something new that gives your basement that extra zing!

6 unique features to consider when finishing your basement:

  • Built-in furniture:
    Murphy beds, named after William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1957), an Irish immigrant in New York who wanted to find a creative method of making space in his small apartment, are beds that fold up on hinges into a closet or against a wall. Great for an office that needs to double as a guest room, a Murphy bed can be easily added at the time of construction or retrofitted afterwards. Another popular built-in furniture option is the hidden bookcase door, which looks like a standard full-sized bookcase from the front but swings open on large piano hinges to reveal a closet or room behind it. Nancy Drew would love this!
  • Themed Wet Bar:
    With wet bars becoming standard-issue in most rec rooms, why not give yours some personality?  Using masonry, tile, or stone on a wet bar accent wall or on the face of the sit-down bar itself adds character and charm.  Why not model your bar after a favorite iconic TV spot, such as Central Perk in Friends, or the Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name–Cheers? Let your creativity shine!
  • Speakeasy:
    Speaking of that hidden bookcase door, why not build the ultimate man-cave or poker den behind it? For that matter, ladies, a craft room could just as easily be tucked behind that hidden door and stocked with M&Ms.
  • Unconventional Light Sources:
    If you’re looking to bring more light into your basement, consider adding interior windows, such as a glass wall in fitness room or a large window in the office. This allows more light to flow through all areas of the basement.
  • Zen Space: 
    Most basement finishes include a bathroom, but why not enlarge it a bit and go for an all-out spa? Steam showers, saunas, and heated flooring add to the spa atmosphere, while designer touches like luxurious tile, beautiful plumbing fixtures, and relaxing color and lighting choices create a calming mood.
  • Activity Zone:
    Turn the basement into a unique children’s play space with climbing walls and a variety of textures and colors to encourage sensory play and activity. Combine different flooring types to simulate winding rock paths and mountain streams, grassy knolls and meadows. The sky’s the limit!

Whatever you imagine for your basement, we’ll work with you to see it come to life. With years of experience in basement finishing and home remodeling, Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More will take your space from drab to fab! Check out our five-star reputation on Google Reviews and give us a call. 303-420-0056.

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