7 Ways to Make a Small Basement Bathroom Look Bigger

7 Ways to Make a Small Basement Bathroom Look BiggerAre you finishing a basement but don’t have the space for a large basement bathroom? Don’t worry! There are several ways you can make your basement bathroom seem more spacious than it really is. Take a look at these 7 tips for making your bathroom feel less like a water closet and more like a day spa.

1. Decorate in light colors.

Dark walls absorb light and make the bathroom space feel smaller. In selecting a light color scheme for the bathroom, you will find that the reflected light makes the room feel less cramped. Lighter, brighter colors reflect natural light and reduce the need for artificial light. Try white, beige, or gray palettes.

2. Install clear glass shower doors.

Clear glass shower doors broaden sight lines, allowing the whole bathroom to be taken in at once, rather than chopping it into smaller spaces. This can make the room appear bigger and has the added benefit of giving the bathroom an on-trend look.

3. Use a floating vanity.

Installing a floating vanity–one that is mounted to the wall and does not sit on the floor–instantly makes the bathroom look bigger.¬†The extra space underneath the cabinet allows for a little more foot room, as well as a convenient place to keep a scale or step stool.

4. Extend your mirror.

Extending the bathroom mirror creates the ultimate illusion. The more of the room that is reflected, the more of the room there appears to be. Investing in a large mirror can help broaden a small, bright bathroom and make it appear twice its size.

5. Invest in bright lighting.

Even if your color scheme is light and bright, natural light cannot always find its way into the room. Using recessed can lighting in a bathroom is one way to bathe the room in light without making it feel crowded. Adding a simple vanity fixture will add style, but needn’t be the only source of light in the room.¬†Ensure that the bathroom’s artificial light is bright and airy to match your color scheme.

6. Take tile all the way to the ceiling.

Even if your bathroom is not very wide, you can make it appear tall by installing tile all the way from the shower floor to the ceiling. This emphasizes the height of the room and brings attention to the extra space at the tops of the walls.

7. Eliminate clutter.

Eliminating clutter may seem overly simple, but it goes a long way in making your bathroom appear bigger. Choose simple decor, keep your countertops clear of toiletries, and clean the bathroom often. The quickest way to shrink a room is to fill it up with clutter.

There is no need to sacrifice additional living space for your basement bathroom. Simply follow these simple suggestions and enjoy the power of perspective.

If you have any other questions about finishing your basement or making your basement bathroom appear larger, call us now. We serve homeowners in the Denver metro area and northern Colorado.



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