9 Top Trends in 2019 for Basement Design

9 Top Trends in 2019 for Basement DesignThink basements are just dark, musty places to hide the furnace and store luggage and holiday decorations? Not anymore! Finished basement space contributes much to your home to make it more functional. Whether you gravitate toward practical uses or go for a dose of playfulness, imagine what you would do with that extra finished square footage! Check out these hot basement design trends:

1. Open Concept

Open concept creates barrier-free spaces that connect rather than separate one area from another. Basements are naturally expansive and as such are well-suited to an open concept plan that promotes togetherness, even if there are areas designated for specific uses. Smaller basements can benefit from an open design to maximize the space by eliminating walls. Natural light flows more easily throughout as well, adding to the sense of openness and spaciousness.

In some cases, such as a guest room, office or man/woman cave, privacy is an issue that would need to be addressed. Such spaces can be combined with an open concept but would most likely require walls.

2. An Extension of Your Home

More homeowners are opting to integrate the basement into the rest of the home, rather than making it an incongruous personality statement. Overall style and finish choices consistent with those of the main living areas allow the space to flow seamlessly from the main floor of the home, and suggest use for a number of purposes. When it comes time for resale, potential buyers find value in additional square footage that is comparable in style and finish to the rest of the home.

3. Home Gyms and Spas

Let’s face it, exercising is more enjoyable–and therefore more likely to happen–in a space that is comfortable, accessible, and ready to go. Take it a step further by adding a home spa with luxuries such as a steam shower, sauna, or massage area, and staying fit becomes a treat rather than a chore. Configuring a basement to accommodate exercise equipment and some spa amenities is easier than you might think. Even a small basement can be set up with a machine or two and a steam shower.

4. Guest Suites

Overnight guests and their hosts both appreciate a guest room that provides a little privacy. The full guest suite is not surprisingly one of the most popular trends this year. Suites can include bedrooms, a bathroom, and even a wet bar. If a larger budget and more square footage is part of the plan, the suite could even include its own living room or kitchenette.

5. Home Theaters

When it comes to designing a basement media room, homeowners have two options: an enclosed theater room or an open entertainment area. A theater room can simulate an actual movie theater with such details as plush reclining seats with cup holders, a projection screen, wired in surround-sound, and insulated walls and ceiling–all designed to create the perfect movie-watching experience.

If you don’t have sufficient budget or space for a dedicated theater room, create an open entertainment area for TV viewing and video games. Adding a wet bar or small kitchenette keeps the party going with drinks and snacks at hand.

6. Hobby & Sports Rooms

Basement sports rooms are gaining popularity with homeowners who want a space to contain noise and rowdiness, allowing themselves or their kids to have fun without disturbing others in the home. Consider installing multiple televisions with high quality sound and voice controls. Add a bar or kitchen area to keep snacks and beverages handy. A gaming area with ping-pong, billiards, or a dartboard ensures everyone has something fun to do. Don’t forgot to budget for plenty of comfortable seating and quality lighting, both of which are sports room essentials.

Work tables and task lighting are great for a number of hobbies. Storage that keeps tools, supplies and materials readily at hand make it easy to work on projects. Having a dedicated space makes it simple to pause and return to a project at a later time.

7. Game Rooms

Who doesn’t enjoy an evening spent with family and friends for game night? Board games, table games and video games never go out of favor. The really ambitious might consider a hockey “rink” or even a bowling alley. Priorities for a successful game room include comfortable seating, well-designed lighting, and adequate wiring and WiFi for electronics.

8. Wet Bars and Kitchens

Access to kitchen amenities such as a refrigerator, microwave, and sink–without having to go upstairs–is convenient and enhances all the activities you enjoy in your finished basement.

9. Specialty Rooms

Basements are more or less a blank slate and can be outfitted to serve a variety of purposes. Wine cellars, children’s playrooms, and display spaces for collections are other popular options.

What’s your finished basement vision? Whatever it is, Finished Basements & More can help! Contact us today to learn more. We serve the Denver metro area and northern Colorado.



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