CoConstruct: Taking Communication into the New Decade

CoConstruct: Taking Communication into the New DecadeWith effective communication forming the linchpin of a successful construction project, it stands to reason that builders and buyers alike need to find the most efficient means of mutually conveying information. The problem is, there are so many sources of conversation! Sometimes it’s hard to find the email thread that contained the paint color and number you know you told the builder you wanted for the rec room–and then he has to get it to the painter–but wait, maybe that was in a text message ?. . .

Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More is taking the guesswork out of builder/client communication by converting to a web-based project management system, CoConstruct, which consolidates every aspect of job management from the initial contract phase to job scheduling, tracking, selection-making, change orders, and invoicing. The system enables Sheffield to gather and share information in an organized and intuitive manner, helping jobs run more smoothly by giving both trades and clients ready access to information needed on the jobsite. Clients login to CoConstruct either from an app on their phones or directly from the CoConstruct website on a computer.

What do You Need to Know?

  • Clients are given a personal login. All information is kept confidential.
  • All project emails are tracked in one place, no matter whether you replied via phone or email. Client and partner/spouse are included in all conversations.
  • Trades can also be included in tracked conversations. Ask questions, share information, etc.
  • Photos and files are easily shared. Have an idea you want to share with the builder? Upload a photo. Have a question about something you saw on the jobsite? Upload a photo.
  • Clients have 24/7 access to selections, costs, photos, conversations, and job progress.
  • Selections are easy to make, as choices are clearly defined. Pricing, if applicable, is clearly indicated. Surprise change orders are a thing of the past.
  • Share progress photos on Facebook!

2020 is here, a new year–a new decade, and Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More is ready to take basement finishing to a new level of efficiency and productivity. Won’t you come with us? Our first 12 years of basement finishing and home remodeling in the Denver metro area and in northern Colorado has been great, and we look forward to many more! Call us today to begin planning what your basement will become, 303-420-0056.



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