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Many basement companies, in an attempt to get clients to sign on the dotted line, offer what seems like a fantastic deal—that is, until you realize that carpet or a permit isn’t included, or that the hardware and plumbing fixtures are of the cheapest quality and look nothing like the ones already existing in your home. “You can upgrade,” they say; $30K and a truckload of frustrated irritation later, and you have a basement that sort of  looks like you imagined it would at a price considerably above that which you were originally quoted.

At Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More we believe in providing our clients with honest quotes for what they actually want. Because we know that our target client doesn’t have rinky-dink finishes and fixtures installed in their home, we set our base standards for basement finishes at a high level that includes items such as professional-grade Delta plumbing fixtures, Schlage door hardware, and Tharp Cabinetry.

This month’s featured finish was selected because our clients went from start-to-finish using simply our base specifications. They still went to the Design Center and made selections, but everything they chose fell within their base bid.

We start with architectual plans drawn by professionally-licensed architects, who work with us until the plan meets client approval. This client’s plan included a rec room with game area and wet bar, two bedrooms (one with a walk-in closet), a ¾ bath with both hallway and bedroom #2 access, a hallway linen closet, and unfinished mechanical and storage areas. The total amount of finished square footage came to 1,356, leaving 630 sq. ft. unfinished.

Featured Finish High Standards - 8

Sometimes clients spend upgrade dollars on bathroom finishes—accent liner tile in the shower or a frameless shower door, for example—if they’re going for a particularly custom look. With the exception of the wide-spread faucet in the bath pictured below (which was an upgrade included in the client’s base bid; our standard faucet is a two-handle center-set model) the remaining finishes were all chosen from our standard selections which include varied types of wall and floor tile, as well as a selection of colors in both quartz and granite counter tops. Notice, also, that our standard for shower wall tile application extends to the ceiling.

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The rec room and game area of this basement provides a bright and welcoming space to relax and gather, thanks in part to ample recessed can lighting, which—again, is calculated for the size of your basement and included in the base bid. Electrical upgrades may always be added at the electrical walk, but in this case the clients added only three dimmer switches and one additional bedroom outlet. The cans shown in these photos were all part of our standard bid.

Featured Finish High Standards - 4

One of the benefits of having professional architects on our team is the ability to visualize and use every nook and cranny of space your basement has to offer, as was done here with the built-in shelving adjacent to the bar. The area creates the perfect spot for family game night or group study sessions. Either way—cold drinks are close at hand!

Featured Finish High Standards - 3

Featured Finish High Standards - 1

The wet bar worked tidily into this plan showcases the quality and beauty of our standard Tharp Cabinetry, shown here with a Mission style door in the color Oyster. Made in Loveland, Colorado, the cabinets and shelving are custom measured and built for each job, with a hand-crafted look that clearly doesn’t come from a big-box store.

Featured Finish High Standards - 2

To give you an idea of what the basement looked like prior to finishing, here’s the entrance into the basement when we first arrived to measure and bid the job. As you can see when comparing it to the next, finished photo, we strive for a seamless look between old and new, using the same door, trim, and hardware styles that are installed in the existing home. We want your basement to be an integral part of your home, rather than to appear as a tacked-on afterthought.

Featured Finish High Standards - 7

Featured Finish High Standards - 6

When you’re ready to step into the world of basement finishing and begin gathering bids from different companies, make sure you’re comparing apples-to-apples. Not every basement company offers equal levels of standard finishes and fixtures. Don’t find yourself surprised mid-project with unexpected charges.

At Sheffield we have the expertise, trade relationships, and experience to build you a basement you’ll enjoy for many years to come. You can trust us with your investment dollars, and with your home. Call us to today to book a no-obligation estimate appointment:  303-420-0056.



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