How to Prepare Your Home for a Basement Remodel

How to Prepare Your Home for a Basement RemodelYou’ve made the decision to finish your basement–you can already picture how relaxing it will be to finally have a family retreat that’s removed from the hustle-bustle of the rest of the home, and maybe you’ll even get your own private office worked into the bargain! Before you start popping corn and selecting a movie, however, stop to assess  what needs to be done before construction can commence. What needs to be removed, put in place, reviewed, or communicated prior to the start of your project to ensure a successful outcome?

Preparing Your Home for a Basement Remodel

  1. Clean the basement and remove personal items. Don’t simply move everything to a corner of the basement and expect your contractor to work around your belongings. If necessary, rent a storage pod for the duration of the project. Use the opportunity to purge unwanted or unused items.
  2. Clean window wells, and remove any obstacles that would prevent window access for contractors. Communicate with your contractor regarding preferred access to the basement, and agree upon times that windows, gates, etc. will be unlocked and accessible. If you plan to be out of town or otherwise away from home, discuss alternative means of access to your home, such as a lockbox, neighbor, garage door, etc.
  3. Discuss with your contractor whether or not he or she will require access to your garage for storage of construction materials for the duration of the project. Larger items, such as cabinets, doors, and trim material may need to be stored in the garage for a short time.
  4. Make containment arrangements for all pets. Contractors will not assume responsibility for lost animals, nor will they wish to encounter unfriendly ones. Many pets may also be unnerved by the noise and upheaval of construction, so take this under consideration when deciding what to do with your furry friends.
  5. Alert your neighbors of potential noise and dust from the project. Discuss with the project superintendent where the dumpster and port-a-let will be placed on your property. Often, the placement of these items must be cleared with the neighborhood HOA.
  6. Plan to attend a pre-construction meeting with the job superintendent to review the final architectural plan and make any last revisions to the plan. You want to be on the same page regarding the details of your project. Make a list of questions and don’t be shy about asking them; better to ask questions ahead of time than to be surprised by something down the road.
  7. Determine the best method for dust containment. Construction makes a mess–there’s no way around it. Talk to your job superintendent to see what measures can be taken, such as the installation of plastic zippered doors at key locations, to mitigate and trap dust.

How Long Does it Take to Finish a Basement?

Once the permit is in hand, a typical basement finish of 800 – 1,500 sq. ft. can take approximately 8 – 12 weeks. Many factors can affect the schedule, however, such as weather, labor and material availability/delays, and unforeseen complications such as unresolved moisture issues or municipal inspection delays. A reputable contractor will communicate regularly with you regarding the project’s schedule so as to keep your expectations realistic.

Still Looking for a Licensed Contractor?

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