What Should You Include in Your Basement Family Room?

Finished basement space lends itself well to creating cozy family rooms. As it already stands apart from the rest of the home, view your basement as a possible retreat for your family–a respite from the hustle-bustle of daily life, and a place to enjoy being together. Creating the ambiance you desire will depend on a number of factors, including the architectural plan, lighting, furnishings, and interior design. Narrow your design focus by considering each of the following elements and seeing which ones resonate with you.

What Should You Include in Your Basement Family Room?

  1. Focus on comfort.
    How relaxing is a retreat if the chairs are stiff or the furnishings so elegant that all you can think about is the probability of spills and messes? Choose furniture that invites relaxation with cozy textures and soft fabrics. Plan for places to put your feet up, place a drink or snack, or cuddle up with a good book.
  2. Pass the snacks!
    Including a small kitchen or wet bar to keep snacks and drinks at hand keeps you from running up and down the stairs to refresh drinks or make more popcorn. If your budget doesn’t permit a full sit-down wet bar, try tucking a small counter with a beverage chiller under the stairs, as we did in this basement.
  3. Don’t skimp on storage.
    Build in plenty of storage space for games, blankets, extra pillows, snack trays–you get the idea. Save money by installing open shelving (as opposed to full cabinetry) and let your board game collection become part of the decor.
  4. Mix textures and colors.
    Create an eye-catching design statement by mixing colors and textures in not only furniture, but also flooring, counter tops, and tile. While the basement should reflect the character and style of the rest of your home, it can also be a place to give license to a bit of creative expression. If you’ve been wanting to work some bolder colors or patterns into your palette, here’s your chance!
  5. Keep an open floor plan.
    An open floor plan works well for a basement family room, as it keeps the area feeling spacious and welcoming for a variety of activities. An open space also allows placement of assorted types of furniture, i.e., a sectional for those who want to watch movies or play video games, and a table with chairs for those who prefer to play board games or work on hobbies.
  6. Splurge on tech.
    Be sure to allot money in your budget to low-volt wiring and equipment. You won’t be sorry to have hard-wired surround-sound speakers to go with a large flat-screen television, and don’t forget WiFi–you’ll want to have a strong signal in the basement.

Other Features to Keep in Mind

As you design your basement family room, don’t forget to include the following items.

  • Nearby Bathroom
    Most basements already have rough plumbing in place for a future bathroom. You’ll never be sorry if you install a bathroom with a shower, but if budget doesn’t permit that, even a powder bath will do.
  • Plenty of Seating
    Everyone wants a comfortable place to sit! Sectionals provide a maximum amount of seating and can be configured in various layouts. For additional lounging options, add some bean bag-type seating, which has come a long way in both comfort and style since the ’70’s.
  • Table Space for Games
    Having a permanently-placed table with chairs in place ensures that space is readily available when someone wants to deal out the cards or start up a Monopoly game. It can also serve as a great homework space, providing the lighting is sufficient.
  • Easy-to-Clean Flooring
    LVP flooring (luxury vinyl plank) has become an increasingly popular choice for basement flooring, given its durability, beauty, and water resistance. Made to look like hardwood or stone, LVP flooring comes in a multitude of colors and textures, and feels lux underfoot (not like the laminate floors of old).
  • Rugs
    Area rugs can add color and warmth to a room, and can also help define the space. Many rugs on the market today are even machine washable, making them perfect for use in a family room setting.

Finished Basements & More Will Create a Family Room Perfect for You!

If your basement is waiting to become the perfect family room, give us a call! We’ve designed hundreds of basements in the Denver metro area and in northern Colorado, and would love to work with you to create the perfect space in your home. The consultation is free; give us a call:  303-420-0056.



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