Why Sheffield? 4 Reasons You’ll Love Working with Us

Why Sheffield? 4 Reasons You'll Love Working with UsWouldn’t it be convenient if all aspects of life came with succinct warning signs like this one, so we knew when to expect less than smooth sailing? When it comes to finishing your basement, we know there can be a few bumps in the road, but with our tried-and-true process you’ll never be left alone to navigate them. Sheffield’s knowledge, expertise, and established trade relationships are among the many reasons you can trust us to complete your project on time and within budget.


Having been in residential construction for more than 40 years, we know a thing or two about potential bumps in the construction process. Using CoConstruct, a construction management software platform, we’re able to keep project communication with clients and vendors in one place, where conversations can be logged, tracked, and shared. We know that with open, clear communication, project hiccups are far less likely to happen—and that if they do, they’re easier and quicker to resolve.

From the project onset, we communicate clear specifications regarding the scope of work to be completed. Surprises may be fun on a birthday, but not so much when part of a construction project. We want you to understand what you are getting for the amount you are paying, and—while we’re happy to provide pricing for upgrades—we’ll never pressure you into spending more than your budget permits. Many of our clients find that our standards for base specifications are of a high enough quality and aesthetic that upgrades are not necessary to achieve the look they wish to create.


Finishing basement spaces requires skill and ingenuity beyond that needed for basic home construction. Beginning with the architectural design, allowances must be made for features already existing in the home, such as plumbing and HVAC lines, structural beams and support poles, and staircase placement. We work with award-winning design partners Godden|Sudik Architects to create plans unique to your space and requirements.

Our goal is to make your finished basement space a seamless transition from the main level of the home. Incorporating matching doors, trim, and hardware from the upstairs helps create a feeling that the basement has always been a part of the home, rather than a tacked-on after-thought. Many times, we are also able to match flooring, cabinetry, and other finishes to further integrate the space.

Trade Relationships

Another major benefit of being part of the Denver metro area construction industry for so many years is the wealth of trade relationships we’ve established. For example, it’s one thing to find a heating/cooling company on Yelp; it’s another, entirely, to have worked with the same HVAC company, Four Seasons Heating, for more than 25 years. The level of trust and confidence in the trade partnership is reciprocated with responsive and honest work. Not all basement finish companies can offer this type of vendor network. The fact that Sheffield’s roots are in residential home construction mean that our trade connections run deep.


When you choose Sheffield as your basement contractor, you’ll work with people who are not only professional, but also caring, friendly, and communicative. We’re a large enough company to handle your job in an efficient and timely manner, yet a small enough team to not lose sight of the personal touch.

When you’re ready to start designing your new finished basement, call Sheffield Homes Finished Basements & More! We’ve been working with clients in the Denver metro area and in northern Colorado for many years, and would love to create the space of your dreams. What is your basement waiting to become? Call 303-420-0056.


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