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You loved the idea of having a basement when you first purchased your home. “Think of the extra space we’ll have for parties and guests!” you said. “It will be great for the kids to have a place to play,” or perhaps it was, “What a perfect place for the workout equipment!” Meanwhile, the stacks of Rubbermaid bins holding holiday décor and outgrown clothing now form ranks around the treadmill and your 5-year-old thinks they saw a spider; so much for the productive hours of working out and blissful childhood playtime in the basement.

What now? You could watch a few YouTube videos and ask a friend to help on the weekends, but—let’s be honest—unless you’re BFFs with Chip and Joanna or The Property Brothers, you could end up with a nightmare reality show on your hands. You could always hire the cheapest contractor you can find, some guy running the project out of the back of his pickup truck, but then again you could end up with a half-finished project and an MIA contractor.

Or—you could call us. Sheffield has been in residential construction for nearly 50 years. We’ve got the experience, expertise, and trade relationships to build the basement perfectly suited to your budget and lifestyle. And after all, it really is less stressful to just sit back, relax, and watch TV than it is to be the featured guest on Rescue my Renovation.


Featured Finishes

Featured Finish: Favorable Footprint

Situated on a walk-out lot, the elongated L-shaped footprint of this month’s Featured Finish was the perfect match to design our clients’ wish list of a bedroom, bathroom, and rec room with a wet bar and game area.

Featured Finish: Let the Games Begin!

With inviting spaces designed especially for pool players, card sharks, film critics, and drink connoisseurs alike, this playful space provides an entertaining getaway unlike any other.

Featured Finish: Lights, Camera, Action!

Pull up a bean bag chair, grab a handful of your favorite candy and a soda from the mini-fridge, and get ready to relax and enjoy time together! This family-friendly finish of just over 1,100 sq. ft. was designed to optimize the available space, creating the ultimate haven of rest and relaxation.

Perhaps a Fireplace?

So many options! How do you choose? Bedrooms and a guest suite, a rec room with a wet bar, an office or hobby room, a bathroom (the answer here is almost always Yes), a wine cellar, fitness center—the list goes on. It can be overwhelming but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re experts in basement design and will work with you to make the most of the available square footage. We collaborate with the award-winning architects at Godden|Sudik to draft the perfect plan for your project.

Our Systems in Place

Once your project is under contract, we’ll communicate with you every step of the way using the online construction management platform, CoConstruct. Here you’ll see project timelines and schedules, contact information for your project superintendent and office personnel, and messaging/approvals for change orders or any project-related questions.


Project Photo Gallery

Browse a stunning array of finished basements and home remodel projects by Sheffield Homes Finished Basements & More to get ideas for your own project!


The Showcase



Is Finishing a Basement Worth the Money?

We understand the many questions that arise when considering embarking upon a basement finish, not least among them being, "Is it really worth the money?" If this concern has kept your finish plans at bay, read on.

5 Benefits of Installing a Wet Bar in the Basement

As we all spend more time at home, homeowners are considering how they can optimize their living spaces to better cater to their lifestyle needs. One increasingly popular addition is the basement wet bar, an upscale feature that not only looks impressive but delivers several practical benefits.

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