How long has Finished Basements & More been in business?

We have been in residential construction and home remodeling for more than 40 years in the Denver metro area and in northern Colorado.

How can I preview Sheffield Homes Finished Basements & More's work?

Please visit our Photo Gallery and browse the various categories listed. If you’d like to see one of our finished projects, please call and speak with one of our basement sales managers, who can arrange a site visit: 303-420-0056.

How does the Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More process work?

When you call us, we’ll schedule an in-home visit to discuss the design elements you hope to incorporate into your new design. We’ll measure, sketch, and take detailed notes so that we can prepare a bid that is both accurate and optimal for your space. We note the styles of hardware and fixtures already installed in your home and include similar fixtures in our bid so that your new basement will look like a natural extension of your existing home, rather than a tacked-on afterthought. Once your project is under contract, we’ll communicate with you every step of the way using the online construction management platform, CoConstruct. Here you’ll see project timelines and schedules, contact information for your project superintendent and office personnel, and messaging/approvals for change orders or any project-related questions.

What is the first step?

You may call our main office and speak to one of our basement sales managers, fill-out the consultation form located on this page. or click here to visit our Contact page.

Is there a fee for the finished basement / home remodeling consultation?

We are happy to meet and discuss your potential project under NO obligation, with NO fee.

What is the estimated cost to finish a basement?

As each basement presents unique structural and other elements relevant to construction, an on-site visit provides the best way to prepare an accurate bid. Based upon our pre-bid discussion with you, we will present a base bid with typically a few requested add-on options such as a wet bar, ceiling insulation, or an open stair handrail, making it easy for you to tailor the project to your specific budget. We’ll show you pictures of our standard finishes included in the base bid and review other inclusions, such as number of recessed can lights and low-volt data ports, so that you’ll have a full understanding of everything covered in your bid. No one likes surprises when it comes to construction!

How will I be billed for my project?

Per our contract, 30% of the project total is due upon contract signing as a deposit. Subsequent payments of 50%, 15% and 5% are made at the following corresponding project milestones:  rough frame municipal inspections, final municipal inspections, and punch-list completion. Change orders are billed are they are incurred with the next invoice to be paid. We accept checks and bank wire transfers. We do not accept credit card payments at this time.

How long will it take to finish my basement?

On average, a basement takes 8 – 12 weeks from the time the permit is pulled to completion. Once your project is under contract and submitted for permit, the project schedule will be uploaded to CoConstruct, our online construction project management platform. You’ll be given login permission and can access the program from your computer or mobile device to check project status and communicate with us about your project at any time.

Do I need a permit for a basement finish or remodeling project?

Absolutely! Sheffield Homes Finished Basements & More pulls the permit and will schedule all municipal inspections for the duration of your project. You may be asked to be at home to let an inspector into the basement at the time of an inspection. The cost of the permit is included in the bid price of your project.

What areas/cities do you work in?

Sheffield Homes Finished Basements & More covers a large expanse of the Denver metro area, all along the Front Range, into Longmont, and down to Castle Rock.

Is there a warranty included when you finish a basement?

All work done on our projects by our licensed subcontractors, with materials supplied by Sheffield, includes a one year warranty. We strongly discourage the use of homeowner-supplied items, as we cannot warranty them.

Do you only finish basements?

With custom home design and construction at our roots, Sheffield Homes Finished Basements & More has the skill, expertise, and trade relationships to take on not only basement finishes, but home additions and remodels (depending upon the size and scope). Some limited remodel projects, such as a single bathroom, may be better suited to a smaller contractor.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Sheffield Homes Finished Basements and More is fully licensed and insured on all projects.

Who designs our basement?

Our long-standing working relationship with the award-winning professionals at Godden|Sudik Architects ensure that our clients get forward-thinking basement design. Bring your ideas and we’ll collaborate to create your ideal space. Already have an architectural plan in hand? That works, too! Bring it to us and we’ll get to work.

Is a kitchen allowed in a basement?

Wet bars, with a refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher are rarely a problem for basement installation; kitchens—with the same appliances plus a cooktop and oven—may or may not be allowed in basement settings, depending upon local codes and available venting. If a full kitchen is part of your basement plan, we’ll work with you to obtain proper permitting, if possible.

Is a Fireplace allowed in a basement?

A gas or electric fireplace is rarely, if ever, a problem for basement installation and can add greatly to the ambiance of the space. Existing layout of HVAC ductwork and electrical lines may dictate placement in the room, and additional costs may be incurred to install needed fuel lines.

Can rough plumbing lines be moved or added?

This simple answer is yes, though it most often involves cutting concrete. A small cut to move plumbing lines will most often be covered in your bid cost. A more significant cut to move lines a larger distance—say, across the room—may be bid as an option. The basement sales manager will be happy to discuss available options at the initial bid consultation appointment.

Can we still make changes after we sign a contract?

Yes. If items arise during the course of the project that you would like to add or change, discuss the requested additions with your project superintendent or sales manager, who will obtain pricing for your approval. Should you opt to proceed, a change order will be issued and added to your next project invoice.

Will our home be messy during the project?

While we can’t guarantee that your home will remain completely dust-free, we make every effort to contain the mess and keep the jobsite clean. A plastic zipper partition will be installed at or near the basement entrance as a dust-containment measure. We ask that you keep pets contained and away from the jobsite and plastic partition.

How soon after we sign a contract does the work start?

On average your project would start approximately two weeks from the date you sign the contract, though this can change depending upon other scheduled jobs in our queue. During this two-week period, we work with you to draft and finalize the architectural plan, begin the permit application process, and schedule an onsite pre-construction meeting with you (the homeowner) and a few of our key trades such as plumbing, framing, and HVAC subcontractors. Any last-minute details are addressed and discussed at this meeting, and you’ll begin to get a visual feel for the layout of your new space.

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