The 6 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Finishing a Basement

Finishing a basement is a big undertaking. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a contractor, it is helpful to know what mistakes to avoid. Being organized and prepared will save you time, money and grief, and will keep your project on track.

Ensure you are making a good investment when finishing a basement by steering clear of these potential pitfalls:

1. Unresolved water damage.

Draining issues outside around your home’s foundation can cause problems inside. You may not be aware of these issues in your unfinished space, but once you invest in finishing walls and floors and bringing in furnishings, water damage will be difficult–and much more expensive to correct. Make sure you address any water issues before you begin remodeling.

2. Poor lighting.

Because basements get little, if any, natural light, it is necessary to compensate with adequate indoor lighting even for daytime. An interior space that is too dark is not inviting, and doesn’t lend itself to many activities. Proper lighting can make the difference between the space getting used or not once its finished.

3. Awkward floor plan.

Features that can’t be moved, such as the furnace, pipes, drains or ductwork, can impede your ability to use the space the way you’d like. Some elements can be covered or incorporated into the design, but be careful not to chop up the space too much. Research creative solutions for getting the most out of the area you have to work with.

4. No sound or noise control.

HVAC systems and laundry machines often housed in the basement are noisy. Consider incorporating sound-absorbing materials in floors, ceilings, walls and doors to minimize the noise.

5. No design continuity.

Basement decor can be a fun departure, but should reflect some connection to the rest of the house in terms of quality and style.

6. Unappealing stairway.

Some basement stairways feel narrow, steep and rickety. The stairway into your finished basement should be inviting and ease the transition from the upper level to the lower level. Consider increasing the headroom, widening the space around the stairs, opening the wall near the bottom of the stairs and adding an open handrail, or even adding a turn or curve. Also think about the material used for the treads, risers and railings.

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