8 Essentials of a Great Basement

Essentials of a Great BasementBuilding a better basement means something different to everyone. When done correctly, basement remodeling adds much more than usable square footage to a home. Entertainment, relaxation, office space, guest accommodations, storage, organization–the possibilities are truly endless, and that can be overwhelming when facing the blank canvas of your unfinished space. An experienced basement finishing/remodeling company can simplify the process by helping you zero in on your priorities and vision. Use the following prompts to start brainstorming ways to enhance your Colorado home and increase its value.

1. Focus on functionality.

Take time to think about how the extra space could provide the greatest benefit while working within the structure of your basement’s unique characteristics, such as limited natural light or the location of existing mechanical systems (furnace, water heater and laundry). The lack of outside light makes home theaters a popular option. Separation from the rest of the house makes basements well-suited for private guest rooms. Because sound is more contained in a basement, this can be the perfect space for a play area, music practice area or teen hangout. If you have lots of square footage, consider dividing the room to accommodate multiple activities or needs.

2. Install proper lighting.

The right use of natural and artificial light alleviates the cave feeling common in basements with low ceilings. Enhance the available natural light by adding windows, or making existing windows larger. In basement bedrooms, a functioning egress window is required for safety in case of fire. In other areas, however, if security is a concern, consider installing glass brick which lets light in without creating an access point. Indirect lighting aimed at the ceiling opens up the space by giving the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it is. Mirrors on walls and ceilings can further enhance lighting effects. The proper mix of up-lighting, recessed lighting and lamps strategically placed throughout provides flexibility for a variety of moods and activities.

3. Consider flooring options.

Basement flooring options are not as limited as you may think. In fact, except for hardwood, many types of flooring such as carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum, cork, and laminate that are used throughout a home are also suitable for a basement. The biggest consideration is moisture. Water and water vapor can seep through the porous concrete sub-floor and lead to buckling and mold growth. Regardless of the material you choose, ask your contractor about the appropriate vapor barrier. Another solution is to raise the floor above the slab to create an air gap that allows moisture to dissipate.

4. Create organized storage.

Basements are the perfect place to store seasonal and seldom used items, but keeping your possessions organized and protected from moisture is key. Creative solutions that are visually appealing as well as functional abound. Shelving and cabinets come in many varieties from utilitarian to decorative. Peg boards, hooks, wire racks and magnetic organizers are versatile ways to keep clutter at bay and to prevent tripping and fire hazards.

5. Include a wine cellar or bar.

Because basements are free to be much more playful than the main living area, they make the perfect space for entertaining. A wine cellar or bar fit right in to an area designed for socializing. Add a sink, a fridge, and seating and you’ve got an inviting gathering place.

5. Add a bathroom.

Most basements have easy access to plumbing, so adding a bathroom is relatively easy. Having a bathroom where guests stay and where friends or family members gather offers convenience and comfort.

6. Choose comfortable & stylish furniture and decor.

Selecting furniture that is not only stylish but also comfortable is key to creating a cozy, inviting space. The primary use of the room will dictate the type of furniture used. For example, sectionals are popular because they tend to be casual; they offer flexibility in configuration and provide ample seating for conversation or movie-watching. They can even double as a bed, if necessary. Individual chairs would be a better option for a game or crafting area.

7. Ensure proper air circulation.

No one wants to spend time in a basement that is cold and uncomfortable. To optimize airflow, you may need to add air vents and a return register. Install a carbon monoxide detector to alert you to leaks in the furnace or other gas appliances.

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