8 Ways to Warm-up a Cold Basement

7 Ways to Warm-up a Cold BasementDoes the air feel chilly in your basement? Even finished basements can sometimes feel dim and cold. Luckily, we have solutions!

What makes basements cold?

Basements will always feel a bit cooler than than rest of the home, by virtue of the fact that they are basements. There’s just no way around it.

  • Ground Level Chill
    It is much cooler underground than above surface. Underground basements trap and recirculate cool air.
  • Moisture Buildup
    Basements tend to maintain excess moisture. That moisture can make the air feel damp and cool.
  • Heat Rises
    You may recall from science classes that warm air rises. When heat in the home moves upward, the lower level is left feeling chilly.

8 Tips for Warming Up a Cold Basement

Implement the following suggestions and bring the heat to your chilly basement.

1. Ensure that your basement is well-insulated.

Insulating your basement is one of the best ways to keep the space warm. Foam-board insulation is a good option for unfinished basements, while spray-foam provides a great way to insulate finished basements.

2. Invest in a cozy fireplace.

For finished basements especially, a warm fireplace not only heats the temperature in the room, but also provides a visual feeling of warmth.

3. Replace drafty windows.

Chilly drafts are often to blame for cold air as well as moisture buildup in basements. It is important to regularly ensure that your windows are not in need of repair or replacement.

4. Seal air leaks.

Warm air often leaks out through gaps between the basement and the foundation of the home. If you locate any air leaks or drafts, seal them as soon as possible with caulk or spray foam.

5. Eliminate crawl space drafts.

Not only can leaks come from windows and gaps, they can come from the crawl space. Check your home’s crawl space to ensure it is properly sealed and insulated.

6. Install an extra heating system.

You can install extra heating via your ductwork, or you can simply invest in a few space heaters. Either way, electric heating is a great way to remove the chill from the air.

7. Use radiant in-floor heat.

Radiant heating is installed directly underneath your floor. It heats the space evenly, keeping both the air and your feet warm.

8. Don’t forget the visual aspect!

As important as it is to make the basement feel warm by raising its actual temperature, it’s equally important to make it look warm. Decorate the area with cozy furniture, ambient lighting, textured rugs, and inviting throw blankets and pillows. This creates an inviting atmosphere that shouts warmth and comfort.

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