10 Features that Have a Big Impact When Finishing a Basement

10 Features that Have a Big Impact When Finishing a BasementSpruce up the appearance and add to the value of your home by finishing the basement. You may choose from a number of features and additions; we’ve compiled a list of our favorites here:

1. Built-in shelving and nooks

Basement storage is extremely popular since the area is tucked out of view. However, storage doesn’t have to be messy or ugly. Consider installing built-in shelving to make the most of available square footage, and provide easy access to stored belongings.

2. Home Bar

A wet bar is the perfect addition for homeowners who enjoy entertaining. Let friends relax in your finished basement without interrupting the fun with endless trips and and down the stairs to replenish snacks and beverages, or use the restroom.

3. Wine Cellar

The connoisseur of fine wines will enjoy having a safe and organized space to display and store his or her collection. Wine cellars fill the role of both form and function, as many are created as central design elements to a finished basement.

4. Home Gym

Investing in gym equipment pays dividends in the long-run, as you not only avoid membership fees, but also bypass the hassles of sharing exercise equipment and driving to the gym.

5. Game Room

Use the wide open space of your basement to install a pool table, dart board, air hockey, or whatever else your family enjoys playing. Store board-games in built-in shelving and nooks, where they are kept organized yet easily accessible.

6. Family Room

Create a dedicated space in your home that your family will remember for years to come as the place where memories were shared. The basement tends to be a bit removed from daily routine and the hectic pace of life. This separation can help everyone take a deep breath and enjoy relaxing together.

7. Guest Room

A finished basement is the perfect out-of-the-way location for a guest room, providing visitors a sense of privacy, while allowing everybody their own space. Adding a small kitchen area completes the apartment feel.

8. Bathroom

The ideal guest room has it’s own bathroom. Adding a bathroom to your basement is more convenient for everyone in the household.

9. Home Theater

Make your basement the family hot-spot by adding a home theater. Start by building a room with elevated levels for seating and added insulation for sound attenuation, then add wiring for surround-sound, a projector, and mood lighting, and finish it off by furnishing with cushy lounge chairs with cup holders. Toss in some cozy throw blankets, pop in a movie, and your kids may never leave home!

10. Gas Fireplace

A cozy fireplace makes a great addition to any finished basement, no matter what you choose to do with the space. This option provides both comfort and style.

Don’t forget to prep!

Before adding extra features, it is helpful to ensure your basement has the following:

  • Good Lighting
    Lighting can make all the difference between a dark, closed-in cave and a bright, open area. If your basement doesn’t have windows, consider installing some to allow for natural light. Invest in quality electric lighting. Adjustable lighting helps you set the right tone for the basement’s purpose.
  • Proper Air Circulation
    Indoor air quality is vital to the comfort and health of your home, and the basement is no exception. Ensure that all vents are in proper working order to avoid a cold, moist, and stifling basement.
  • Quality Flooring
    Decide ahead of time what kind of flooring will work best for the intended end-use of your basement. For example, carpet is warmer and more comfortable for a home theater, but hardwood provides a classy look for entertaining (and it’s far easier to wipe up spills). Begin with the end in mind.

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