4 Reasons Winter Is Best For Basement Remodeling4 Reasons Winter Is Best For Basement Remodeling

Most people think of summertime for major home remodel projects, perhaps for obvious reasons: more hours of daylight, warmer temperatures and less severe weather, and the ability to go outside to escape the mess. Because basement remodeling for the most part happens indoors, outside weather is not a major factor. If you typically vacation during the winter, this could be a way to avoid any construction-related disruptions, noise or mess. In fact, when it comes to basement finishing, winter may just be the prime time to start!

Here are four reasons to consider scheduling your basement finishing or remodel project in the winter.

1. Discounts on materials

During the busy summer construction months, many manufacturers raise prices on key basement remodeling materials including lumber, windows, appliances and cabinetry. Scheduling your basement finishing project during the slower winter months allows these necessities to be purchased at the lowest prices of the year. In addition, many home decor items, including furniture, are on sale at deep discounts just before or during the holidays. This may mean a lower overall price tag for the project or the ability to upgrade at least some of the amenities for your new space.

2. Faster permits and inspections

By avoiding the warmer months when much of the outdoor construction projects typically take place, your project will reach local government agencies when staff has more time available to review and approve it. The shortened wait time allows your job to get up and running faster.

3. Greater availability of contractors

Contractors will likely be booked during the warmer months, but may have greater availability during the slower winter season when they have less exterior work. Basement finishing companies, however, tend to stay consistently busy throughout the year.

4. A cool finished basement for spring and summer

When you finish or remodel your basement in winter, your beautiful new living space is ready to go during spring and summer. When outside temperatures are heating up, you’ll appreciate having a cool space in your home to enjoy.

One downside of winter remodeling is letting in drafts by having contractors going in and out of your home when the weather is cold. This can be minimized by hanging tarps and containing the basement area to substantially reduce the amount of cold air that enters the home. Another concern is the fumes or dust generated during construction. Contractors can avoid this problem with portable ventilation systems.

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