9 Tips for an Amazing Basement Game Room

9 Tips for an Amazing Basement Game RoomAll your relatives are over. Dinner is finished. What now? Game on! Adding a basement game room takes game night to the next level and keeps the family entertained when the weather keeps you indoors.

Check out our ideas for creating an epic game room in your basement:

1. Room size 

From video and board games, to foosball and ping pong, to hockey and bowling, your game room dreams are limited only by your imagination, your budget, and of course, by the size and dimensions of the space. Prioritize the activities you want to be able to do in your basement and figure out how much room each one requires to play comfortably. If possible, create activity zones so multiple activities can take place at once.

2. Flooring 

A waterproof hard-floor surface, such as luxury vinyl tile or planks, is never a bad idea for a basement, given both its ease of maintenance and pop of style. This option is particularly smart for a game room setting, where food and beverages are likely to be served.

3. Insulation

Insulation and waterproofing will help protect your new construction finishes, furnishings, and electronic equipment from water damage, while also keeping the game room comfortable all year long.

4. Soundproofing

Soundproofing can help keep noises in (or out). Whether you need serious concentration or just want to enjoy the cheers and laughter of fierce competition, music, or loud video games, soundproofing can prevent those in different parts of the house from disturbing one another. Framing added to ceiling and walls, layers of insulating foam, drywall designed for noise control, rugs, thick curtains, and freestanding or wall-mounted acoustic panels also absorb sound, but keep in mind how these elements affect the sound quality of the television and audio equipment you may also want in your basement.

5. Wiring

Be sure the wiring is sufficient to power all of your electronic devices. Run chords along walls or hide them with carpet or furniture so that they don’t detract from the room or cause a safety hazard.  Consider installing a dedicated game router to ensure that WiFi band width can support multiple gamers.

6. Lighting

Game room lighting should be both functional and stylish. Contemplate which areas need to be lit and how much, particularly where screens will be located. Think about where outlets or controls should be positioned for convenience and safety, or choose lighting controlled by a remote. A mix of recessed lighting, chandeliers or pendants, and table or floor lamps offer flexibility.

7. Comfort

Basements tend to be colder than the rest of the home. This can be a plus in the summer but can also discourage people from using the basement in the winter. Install insulation and waterproofing, and seal cracks around windows and doors. If necessary, a space heater and dehumidifier can keep a basement game room warm and dry. The addition of a gas or electric fireplace adds both ambiance and warmth in colder months, as well.


You may want to consider hard-wiring speakers into your entertainment area so that when the party starts you can crank up the playlist!

9. Seating

Include a mix of seating: bar stools, floor pillows as well as chairs and a sofa. Match the seating to the type of game for comfort and accessibility.

The experts at Finished Basements & More can help you design the perfect basement game room. Let’s get started! Contact us today in the Denver metro area or in northern Colorado.



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